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As stated in the Design Process, each project is unique. The same certainly applies to the scheduling of each project. Many of the projects that Point of Light is commissioned to design have aggressive schedules. This is nothing new to us at Point of Light. Many of our past successful projects had similar aggressive timetables and we are always prepared to hit the ground running.



Flexibility is the Key

The scheduling is always a dynamic element and at Point of Light we maintain contacts with additional freelance staffing who work with us regularly. In addition to our staff of six, we have a diverse pool of assistant designers, draftsmen, coordinators and technicians that stand at the ready to work with us on projects. Much the same as other project based vendors, we add to our full-time staff as required for our project load. Our capability at being adaptive to additional staffing needs is what allows us to keep on track with aggressive schedules.

Upon beginning a project, we would setup a meeting with the project scheduler to determine the most critical timelines and begin focusing our resources toward those needs. Simultaneously we would begin to create critical path schedules internally and begin allocating staffing to achieve those timelines. The name of the game with aggressive schedules is to understand the need and adapt to meet that need if current staffing will not achieve those goals. While some unrealistic schedule demands cannot be met by any amount of additional staffing, we work to understand the need and provide a solution to achieve the goal.

“Point of Light is prepared and capable of adjusting quickly to any project schedule requirements. Our task is to ensure that the project progresses as smoothly as possible for our clients.”


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