Colleen “Chipper” Chipko

Construction/Installation Manager

Colleen “Chipper” Chipko has been the Construction/Installation Manager for Point of Light since 2006 and is responsible for handling coordination of mockups and on-site supervision of the construction phases for each Point of Light project. Chipper becomes the firm’s eyes and ears on-site to assist with the coordination of the lighting and all the associated infrastructure. She is also able to quickly discover and work with the installation teams to correct trouble areas as or before they develop. This ability is critical to minimizing project impact from both a time and budget perspective and has become indispensable on many of the more involved Point of Light designs.

Chipper is also involved in projects during the design stages by reviewing and error checking the drawings and documentation release packages. This provides her with an early understanding of each project and allows an opportunity for her to recommend revisions based on her field experience. She also documents all revisions and updates as they occur so that the rest of the Point of Light team can quickly and efficiently produce construction details or modification documents as they are needed, as well as generate accurate final documentation.

On days that Chipper is not required in the field or for drawing and documentation reviews, she manages and maintains the equipment inventory that Point of Light has amassed that allow for quick demonstrations of lighting effects and/or equipment capabilities for their clients.

Chipper has a broad background in both the electrical and construction industries in addition to technical theatre. Her background in sales for an electrical supply house and as a purchasing agent for an electrical contractor has also provided her with an in-depth knowledge of the tools and materials that can be employed to get the job done right.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Chipper moved to Florida with her family and studied architecture at Florida State University. Chipper also has a background in the entertainment industry as a technical director for both theatrical and orchestral groups. Chipper‘s goal on every project is to develop a great rapport with the on-site teams which allows her to better problem solve with everyone to get the best possible product even in the most difficult situations.